Airmedic – Medical air evacuation

All our clients are automatically covered by Airmedic medical emergency helicopter evacuation, for the duration of the activity.

Although serious injuries sustained during the practice of our activities are extremely rare, the risks associated when spending time in the wilderness can never be completely removed…only minimized. We constantly strive to do just that. We believe that if we can respond better to even one serious injury, then we should. This is why we have partnered with Air Medic.

The emergency contact number for Airmedic is shown on your reservation confirmation. In case of emergency, call this number (1-877-999-3322).

In emergency medicine, time is a determining factor. The pilots, nurses and in-flight paramedics’ mission is to rescue you quickly and transport you to the hospital best equipped to handle your condition. Airmedic operates six bases in Quebec, with one in Mont-Tremblant. Crews are ready to take-off within 10 minutes of receiving a distress call.

Airmedic is more than an air ambulance service—it’s emergency medicine within reach, wherever you are.

Each crew is made up of a pilot, a nurse, a paramedic, and sometimes even a flight doctor. All members of the nursing and paramedical team have received specialized training in aeronautic emergency care. Our crews can be in the air within 10 minutes of a distress call transferred from the emergency call center.

Upon receiving a distress call, the response team mobilizes for takeoff in under 10 minutes. Once on site, the rescue team secures and stabilizes the patient while providing the necessary emergency care. En route to the most appropriate hospital—not necessarily the closest—the crew is in continuous contact with hospital personnel. Through the speed and quality of our response, we strive to apply the “golden hour” principle to ensure the best possible outcome for patients.