Camping : recipes and food tips

Recipes and food tips for camping


Crack your eggs into a plastic bottle (add vegies and cheese for an omelet) – easy transport


Buy pre-cooked bacon – it is the way to go !!!! Way less time for cleanup, no grease!


Tetra packs


Tortilla, flat breads, bagels, pita – they don’t get squished. Prepare your own flat bread (bannock) mix and cook at cabin in fry pan, wrap around a stick or wrap in tinfoil and cook over the fire.


Anything wrapped up in a tortilla or pita is delicious, better yet wrap them in tin foil and heat over the grill or fire – really yummy- breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Burgers -mix ingredients & prep patties in advance. Chop, dice, marinate meats in a ziplock & freeze. Pre-boil sausages – ready to heat on fire pit or grill in a snap, no worries wondering if it is cooked or charred trying to cook it.


Buy pre-mixed or prepare it yourself (add liquids at cabin).


Bring frozen concentrate, add water.


Hard cheeses, dry meats – travel well and less fragile at room temperature.

Fruits & vegetables

Choose hearty fruits and veggies that hold up to travel and won’t spoil quickly: oranges, apples, melons, carrots, celery, root vegetables, onions etc.


Per-bake at home, add all sorts of stuffing’s & seasoning, wrap in foil and heat over camp fire.


Nuts, granola, trail mix, bars, energy balls, vegies & dip.


Rollo’s stuffed into cooked marshmallows over the fire or buy already covered chocolate cookies and sandwich a cooked marshmallow in between. Adult version: place cheese curds on a stick, warm over the fire, place on a cracker or baguette!


Bring a camp kit of your favorite spices (onion, garlic powder, basil, oregano, Montreal steak spice). Cabins have S&P.


Wine in a box or tetra packs, no bottles to bring back.