Nights in Our Treehouses – What to Expect

Get ready for some amazing nights in our treehouses! Picture this: a perfect blend of calm, coziness, and moments that’ll make you go “wow.” It’s like stepping back into the coolest parts of your childhood, all while enjoying a peaceful escape surrounded by nature.

Arrival: A Wilderness Welcome

As you step into our treehouse forest, get ready for an adventure. Arriving means leaving the everyday behind. No cars here—just you, your gear, and a fully equipped off-grid treehouse.

Settling In: Getting Back to Basics

Your treehouse awaits, in the wilderness and up in the trees. Transporting your baggage by cart, toboggan or canoe, is part of the adventure Prepare for a hands-on stay, cooking your food on a propane cooktop, starting your woodstove…. its camping after all!


Cozy Comfort: Nature’s Embrace

As the sun goes down, your treehouse transforms into a cozy retreat. Warmed by a crackling fire, it offers a comfortable space with beds ensuring a good night’s sleep. Enjoy the simplicity of preparing a favorite meal together over a camp stove.

Nightfall: A Symphony of Stars

As night falls, step out onto the terrace, bring come chairs, and maybe see some stars. Go for a night walk, sit on a dock, or build a campfire and have a drink and chat around the firepit.

Disconnect to Reconnect: Off-the-Grid

No power means no distractions—perfect for kicking back with some board games or just chilling in the peace and quiet. Let the outdoors do its thing, giving your soul a little refresh.

Getting in Touch with Nature: Let’s Dive In!

Start your day with the calming sounds of the great outdoors. Whether it’s winter or summer, kick things off with some snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. In the warmer months, take a plunge in the lake or paddle around in a canoe—nature’s calling, and it’s all about having a good time.

Departure: Leave No Trace

As you wrap up your adventure, take a moment to think back on your nights in the trees. Leave your spot just as you found it, all set for the next bunch of adventurers. Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Our treehouses are more than just a place to crash—it’s a full-on dive into the wilderness, a chance to hang with your favorite people, and an adventure that’s truly one-of-a-kind.