Ready-to-camp with dogs

Reserve a treehouse on our ready-to-camp site, where adventures with your dog come can happen in a protected regional park.

Pet-Friendly Haven: Bring Your Pooch!

At Les Refuges Perchés, your four-legged companion is more than welcome. Our treehouses aren’t just for humans—we’re a pet-friendly retreat, inviting your furry friends to join in the adventure.

A Typical Day: Adventures with Your Pup

From the moment you wake up, your dog is part of the plan. With your Dog on a leash, explore our 36 km of trails winding through forest and lakes with panoramic views. Don’t miss our unique 1km boardwalk crossing a lake with views of the wetlands.

Lakeside Fun: Paws in the Water

Let your dog dip their paws in Lac Cordon—a refreshing break for both of you. Whether it’s splashing about or watching from the shoreline, the lake is a pet-friendly paradise.

Sustainable Pet Stay: Leave No Paw Print

When it’s time to head out, rest assured your four-legged buddy had an eco-friendly stay. Just stick to the rules our ready-to-camp, show some love to Mother Nature, and your dog’s trip becomes a cool mix of adventure and doing right by the environment.