As an eco-resort, we are committed to minimize the ecological footprint of Les Refuges Perchés.

Les Refuges Perchés takes pride in practising Leave No Trace principles for responsible outdoor recreation, and we highly encourage all our guests to enjoy the site with an appreciation and respect for nature and minimal impact on the natural environment.
Several practices have been put in place:
• Our treehouses were handcrafted using local and FSC* certified and environmentally friendly materials.
• 50% (and increasing!) of the vehicles we use on site are electric vehicles.
• We have EPA certified wood stoves and excellent insulation requiring less wood
• Recycling and composting facilities for all treehouses
• A quiet pedestrian-only site where cars are not allowed
• We charge for all consumables(firewood, propane, batteries, etc..) to encourage minimal use.
• We initiated a used propane bottle recycling program with our municipality, and also we re-use unfinished bottles.
• Central showers and bathrooms to minimize wastewater, grey water collection zones
• No linen services reducing consumption.

We are proud to actively participate in the protection of our planet. We have joined the international 1% for the Planet fund, and we are committed to donating  1% of our annual sales to the fund. By doing so, we support environmental projects that will protect and enhance ecosystems.
The funds will be donated to NGOs that contribute to:
• The protection or restoration of ecosystems;
• To offset carbon emissions emitted by companies;
• To fight against climate change.

As part of our mission to lighten our ecological footprint, we have certified our eco-responsible measures with Les Pages Vertes. The weighting of the eco-responsible rating is based on the criteria in thirteen different categories established by Les Pages Vertes in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. Our procedures result in our score being 80%, giving us the highest level rating of  Excellence.

We know that burning wood is necessary when staying off-grid in winter time and that cooking requires fuel. That’s why we sell sustainably harvested local firewood. Purchasing carbon offsets help us to be 100% carbon-neutral for our wood and propane.
• For every bag of wood used during your stay, we buy carbon credits from Compensation CO2 Québec, and Carbone Boréale (University of Chicoutimi) who plant the trees that offset our carbon footprint.
• We also purchase credits to off-set the propane used for our cook stoves.