Treehouses Building

At first glance, when you think about treehouses in Mont-Tremblant, you might picture those childhood hideouts – a spot where imagination ran wild. But these days, treehouses are gaining serious popularity among adults!

Trends from Europe

This trend kicked off in Europe, especially in France, where they’ve got the most of these treehouse stays.

Why the hype? Well, adults get to relive their childhood, and the kids are thrilled to tag along! Being up in the trees brings you closer to nature, lets you really be a part of it. And up there, you’re surrounded by the elements – wind, leaves, birds… it’s all right there.

Building these treehouses also minimizes the impact on the ground. The goal is to mess with the environment as little as possible.

Selection technique and construction

When it comes to building, loads of factors are in play to make sure our treehouse lasts and keeps the trees healthy. Picking the right trees is crucial; some types are more resistant, and the biggest ones aren’t always the best. Plus, there are techniques to check if the trees are genuinely healthy. Sometimes, a tree might look fine, but an expert might find it’s not.

Construction techniques gotta play nice with the trees too. There are solid systems now that anchor to trees without harming them. These anchors let the tree grow and move naturally with the wind. Also, if your treehouse isn’t connected to the tree directly, it’s to keep the tree from croaking due to the temperature diff.

We started making these treehouses to offer a ready-to-camp experience in a region known for its stunning nature. But now, more folks are getting these setups on their own property. They’re turning them into guest rooms, high-up gazebos, even offices. Each high-rise creation is totally unique!