What should I bring with me?

To help prepare for your stay, a detailed list of what is provided, and what you should bring, will be emailed with your reservation confirmation.

Mainly, food and bedding.  Visit our Food packing tips page.

Is the walk to the treehouse difficult?

The walk isn’t difficult, but you will need to pull your baggage cart and if you pack a lot it can be quite heavy. We provide two carts or toboggans and you will need them both as putting everything in one will usually be too heavy. You will need to transport your luggage and food, wood (40lbs), water (33 lbs), and other gear.

There are a couple of steep spots on the walk, but the trails are wide and well maintained. The walk to Lakeside East is easier than to Lakeside West. Winter weather conditions may make the walk longer.

The closest treehouses to the parking are #3,#5 The Bee, #7, #9 The Yurt, #10

Are there bathrooms in the treehouses?

No, but dry toilets are located near each cabin. Full bathrooms with showers are available at the Reception – Pavillion building.

Is there electricity in the treehouses?

No, but you can rent a power pack at the reception and use it for lighting and charging cell phones (About 15 hours of charging time).

How are the cabins equipped?

Is there a fridge in the treehouses?

No, but each treehouse is equipped with a 60 L cooler. Ice is available at the reception – pavillion building.

Is there running water in the treehouses?

No, but there is sink and water containers with spouts,  use lake water to wash dishes etc..

Are canoe rentals included in the price of the treehouses?

Canoes are also available for rent at a cost of 37 $ for the duration of your stay.

To rent canoes, see our FAQ section about boat rental.

Are there any extra fees when I arrive? Why can’t it all be included in the nightly rate?

Park access fees collected for Parc Eco des Laurentides, the not for profit organization that manages the regional park where we are located, must be collected on site.

Being an eco-resort and in the spirit of sustainability, there are also consumable items we charge for on site, just like a campground would.
Firewood, carbon offset, large bag(13 pieces,40lbs) & kindling
Power pack
Propane (16oz can – can also be brought from home)
Treehouse kit (includes candles & matches, garbage/compost/recycling bags, dishrags, power pack, propane- everything except the power pack can also be brought from home)
We also charge low rental fees for:

Are dogs allowed?

Yes! Dogs are welcome in the treehouses and on the site on a leash.

Is there a place to buy food there?

The closest grocery store is 25 minutes from the Parc Eco. There is a small but well stocked depanneur at Park entrance (summertime only). For great light, easy to pack and delicious ideas visit this Quebec company: www.happyyak.ca, and our Pinterest site.

Boat rental

You can rent canoes to paddle on Lake Cordon. It is also possible to bring your non-motorized boat, so long as it is well washed in order to avoid water contamination.

Lifejackets included.

Please note that row-boats are only rented for fishing. Advance reservations are recommended for high season. Contact the Park directly to reserve. 1-866-326-9072

Are there biking trails?

Not directly in the Park with the exception of Parc Eco gravel road (shared with cars and pedestrians), or on the linear parc ”Le P’tit’ Train du Nord”, approximately 20 minutes from Les Refuges Perchés.

Fishing, how does it work ?

You can fish on 3 different lakes in the park. You must have your fishing permit (for sale at Canadian Tire).

Fishing is only permitted from a canoe or a park rented row-boat. Please see http://www.ctel.ca/le-parc—-regraveglements.html  for details.

Spots are limited. Advance reservations are recommended for high season. Contact the park directly to reserve. 1-866-326-9072

Can we have someone make our fire or bring our baggage to the treehouse?

No. We try not to take the adventure out of in sleeping in the woods. The experience of Les Refuges Perchés is a participatory one where you will need to be autonomous, like camping. Our staff is on site to make sure you are safe and well-informed, and to maintain the site.