Treehouse Packing and Preparation list

Information to help plan your stay. Visit our Cooler packing tips page.


– Wood burning stove

– 2-burner propane stove for cooking (propane is not included, you may bring your own standard 16oz cylinder or it can be purchased at the reception-pavillion)

– Propane BBQ (n/a during winter)

– 60L container for water collection at lake to wash dishes.

– Kitchen counter, shelving & sink for washing dishes, bio dish soap.

– 60L cooler

– 4 candle tea lanterns, 1 electric lamp (powerpack available for rent)

– 4 candle holders

– Pots, pans, bowls, strainer, cutting board, grill for toast

– Plates, bowls, cups, glasses, wine glasses, cutlery for six (6), 1 large sharp knife, 1 pearing knife, can opener, corkscrew

– Kettle & camp style coffee maker

– Wash basin and drying rack

– Table and chairs

– 1 to 2 double beds and 2 to 4 singles  (All mattreses are hygienically covered)

– Broom/pan, mop/bucket

– Snow shovel

– Fire detector and CO detector

– Garbage, recycle & compost bins (bags provided in cabin kit, see below)

– Outside: open campfire with BBQ grill, picnic table and dry toilets.


– WIFI : free access. 3g cel signal.

– Bathrooms: baby changing table & showers. (Open 24 hrs)

– Ice in cubes or blocks

– To facilitate the transport of your baggage: Luggage cart/ toboggans (free of charge) or canoe ($). Winter: Snowshoes rental available.

Note: boat rentals available; canoe; reserve with CTEL directly: CTEL.CA or 819 326-9072

CABIN KIT (can be purchased at the reception)

– Battery pack for cabin lights and basic small items.

– 1L recyclable propane bottle (fits propane stove and BBQ in cabin)

– Dish cloth x1

– Dish towel x2

– Tea candles x 8 (3.5hr burning time/candle)

– Organic composting bag x 2

– Bag for recycling x 1

– Garbage bag x 2

– Matches x2

– 15L water bottle (can be filled with drinking water at pavilion), (to be returned at check-out)

WHAT TO BRING – packing light means less to transport

– Do not bring wood. Moving firewood, even just a few kilometres, can spread invasive insects and diseases to our forests. Manufactured eco logs are permitted.

Sustainably harvested firewood is available for purchase at the Pavilion. Fallen and standing trees, dead or alive, are home to birds insects and animals, so leave them intact. They recycle nutrients back into the environment through decomposition.
Stripping branches from standing or fallen trees also detracts from an area’s natural appearance.

– Sleeping bags (3 season) & pillow, and pillow cases

– Food & beverages: A well-stocked depanneur is located at park entrance, but is only open in summer. Closest grocery store is 25 minutes from the site. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PACK OUT WHAT YOU PACK IN. for ideas visit: and our Pinterest site.

– Note: Repackage food to minimize waste -pack out what you pack in

– It is not necessary to buy or bring water. Drinking water is available at the reception building. Lake water located near your cabin, may be purified or boiled for drinking water.

– Note: Bottled water is discouraged due to landfill waste that it generates, and the additional weight you will have to carry.

– Flashlights and batteries

– Garbage bags and bags for recycling

– Dish cloths and dish towels

– Biodegradable & phoshate free toiletries, towels

– Slippers to keep your treehouse clean & dry

-Appropriate footwear for living in the forest.

-Your own snowshoes if you prefer not to rent ours ($5/pair)

We practice the principles of a wilderness refuge: Leave no Trace, before departure, please leave treehouse as you found it (swept, mopped, dishes cleaned etc..). This cuts down on unnecessary cleaning services and keeps prices down.