Lakeside East

LAKESIDE EAST (Treehouses 1 – 10)

Lakeside east is perfect for visitors who prefer a slightly easier baggage transport, to be closer to the reception, and who prefer proximity to the lake over views.

  • Lakeside East treehouses are closer to the lake and are easier to access.
  • The closest treehouse (#9 – The Yurt) is a 10 minute walk and the furthest (#6 – The Rock House) is a 20 minute walk away. Families with small children who are concerned about transporting baggage by cart may want to choose one of the closer treehouses (3, 5, 7, 9, 10).
  • It is an 8 minute paddle to Lakeside East.

Lakeside West is perfect for guests who prefer views over proximity to the lake. A good choice for guests who pack light and don’t mind transporting gear by cart on the trail for 22 minutes. See Lakeside West Treehouses >