Unusual Lodging in the Trees: A Unique Adventure Awaits

At Les Refuges Perchés, we’ve flipped the script on accommodation. Leave the ordinary behind and step into a world where lodging means heading up into the trees.

Getting There in Style: Up, Up and Away

Kick off your adventure by ditching your car in the parking lot and strolling to your treehouse. Depending on where you are, it’s a 20 to 30-minute walk through the forest, carting your gear along—easy peasy.

Comfy Treetop Vibes

Elevated Living As you climb the stairs, you’re walking in to an engineered treehouse structure, or cliff house that is like nothing else. Our treehouses are perched up high, seamlessly blending with nature. Inside, it’s all about chill vibes with comfy beds and wood-heated coziness.

Playtime in the Woods

Our unusual lodgings in trees are more than just crash pads—they’re a bit like playgrounds. Wind your way through staircases and walkways that wrap around trees… so much fun.

Nighttime Chill: A Surreal Night’s Sleep

When the sun goes down, the real magic begins. Your treehouse becomes this peaceful spot up in the leaves, bringing tranquility and a connection to nature. Drift off to sleep with the soothing sounds of the forest.

Morning Bliss: Waking Up in the Canopy

Wake up to the awesome view of the forest coming to life. Step onto your terrace, take in that fresh air, have a coffee on the deck, and soak in the vibes that only being in the trees can give you. Sit down together around the table, share a good meal and chat in the quiet of the forest.

A Spot to Hang Out with the Crew

Les Refuges Perchés isn’t just about a quirky overnight stay. It’s also about getting back to nature, leaving tech behind, and bonding with friends and family. Our treehouses sleep up to 6.