Our Treehouses

Our Treehouses in Mont-Tremblant

Our Mont-Tremblant treehouses at Refuges Perchés eco-resort has 20 unique, completely off the grid treehouses in two distinct sectors on two sides of Lac Cordon, Lakeside East (Treehouses 1-10) and Lakeside West (Treehouses 11-20).  All are built to blend in to their natural environment with southern orientations to maximize sunlight and an abundance of windows allow you to enjoy the natural surroundings even when you are inside.

Dogs are welcome in the tree houses. We ask you to keep them on a leash on the trails.

All treehouses are all insulated, heated with wood, furnished with comfortable beds and are equipped for cooking. They all have a sunny terrace, an outside fire pit, and a picnic table. Outhouses are located a short distance from each treehouse.

We’ve tried not to take the adventure out of sleeping in the woods! So anticipate an amazing hands-on experience. All treehouses are accessed by foot only, and all gear and baggage must be transported by cart or toboggan or canoe.

You will be starting your own fire, cooking on a camp stove and managing your water and waste. In the tradition of back-country refuges, you need to ‘leave no trace’ by leaving the treehouse, and the surroundings, as you found them for the next guests. In a nutshell, you’ll discover the thrills of being off grid by living simply and leaving a small footprint.

Lakeside EAST (Treehouses 1 to 10)

REFUGE 3 (5)
  • Treehouses are very close to the water’s edge
  • Views of the forest and the lake
  • Easier to access than Lakeside West
  • Gets sun from mid-morning to end day
  • 3 small shared docks
  • The closest treehouse is a 10 minute walk from the parking /reception, the furthest is 20 minutes.
  • Easier to transport baggage by canoe
  • Canoe paddle time is about 8 minutes.

Lakeside WEST (Treehouses 11 to 20)

Refuge/Treehouse #13
  • Built on a higher ground, some perched on a cliff
  • Views of the forest and over the lake
  • Harder to walk to than Lakeside East
  • Treehouses are a bit further and uphill from the water’s edge
  • Gets sun all day
  • One large shared dock and a private dock for Treehouse 20
  • All treehouses are about 22 minutes walk from the parking/reception
  • We recommend transporting baggage by the trail rather than by canoe. (There is a steep hill to access the treehouses from the dock.)
  • Canoe paddle time is about 12 minutes

Our Eco-Commitment: Small Steps, Big Impact

We’re committed to sustainability. We practice Leave No Trace principles, we are carbon neutral via Planetair, we are certified eco-responsible with Les Pages Vertes.