Treehouse 4

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Treehouse 4

icon-size 196+ Sq Ft

icon-bed Sleeps 6

icone_VueLac Lake views

This treehouse is directly on the shore, and has a stunning lake view. It is perched on sloping terrain and  has 2 big bay windows and a tower with skylight. It sleeps up to 6 people and is equipped with 2 double beds and 2 single beds. The treehouse has 1 living area of approximately 14′ x 14′ sq. feet.

PACK LIGHT ideally in back packs, and wear hiking shoes or boots if it has rained recently. Open the Site Map tab below to see the location of this treehouse.

See rates below.


  • Prices are per cabin, with a minimum of 2 nights.
  • Access fees to Parc Éco des Laurentides are NOT INCLUDED. You must pay online before your arrival.
    Prices include taxes: $10 / adult (18-59 years), $7 / Senior (60 years and over), Free for children 0-17 years.
  • Firewood (sustainably harvested and carbon offset): $11.50/bag (1st bag included from mid-October to April 30)
  • All-inclusive package available*: with 1 bag of wood per night, 1 stay kit (see list of items above), snowshoes for all guests for the duration of the stay OR up to 2 canoes for the duration of the stay, sleeping bags for overseas guests. Please note that this package does not include park access fees. Contact us at [email protected].

Promo 3 nights and more

  • Get a 15% OFF on stays of 3 nights and more, depending on the period.
    Not applicable from June 23 (Saint-Jean-Baptiste) to September 2 (Labour Day), from December 20 to January 6 (Christmas vacations) or on weekends when Monday or Friday is a holiday.) Offers cannot be combined.

Rates Table

Period Rate
April 1 to 30, 2024 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. $115/night _ Fri. and Sat. $168/night
May 1 to June 20, 2024 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. $109/night _ Fri. and Sat. $169/night
June 21 to July 18, 2024 Sun. to Thu. $169/night _ Fri. and Sat. $199/night
July 19 to Sept. 1, 2024 Every day $199/night
Sept. 2 to Oct. 31, 2024 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. $115/night _ Fri. and Sat. $199/night
Nov. 1 to Dec. 19, 2024 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. $109/night _ Fri. and Sat. $169/night
Dec. 20, 2024 to Jan. 5, 2025 Every day $199/night
Jan. 6 to Feb. 27, 2025 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. $115/night _ Fri. and Sat. $169/night
Feb. 28 to Mar. 16, 2025 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. $115/night _ Fri. and Sat. $189/night
Mar. 17 to Apr. 17 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. $109/night _ Fri. and Sat. $169/night
Apr. 18 to Apr. 20, 2025 Every day $199/night
Apr. 21 to Apr. 30, 2025 | Promo 3 nights and more Sun. to Thu. 109/night _ Fri. and Sat. $159/night
*All-inclusive package | Sept. 1 to June 20 Sun. to Thu. 180/night _ Fri. and Sat. $243/night
*All-inclusive package | June 23 to Sept. 3 Every day $264/night
  • Rates do not include taxes (5% GST, 9,975% PST, 3.5% Québec lodging tax), unless otherwise indicated, or mandatory resort royalty or booking fees of 3% may be subject to change without notice.
  • Please read our Terms and conditions.
  • 1 to 2 double beds and 2 to 4 singles (mattresses only, you must bring your own sleeping bag and pillow).
  • Kitchenette with sink (a container for non-drinking water will be available in your treehouse)
  • All necessary equipment for cooking (e.g. pots, pans, colander, utensils, percolating coffee maker, etc.) and serving meals (e.g. plates, utensils, glasses, cups, etc.).
  • 2 burner propane stove for cooking (propane for sale at reception )
  • Propane BBQ  (propane for sale at reception) – not available during winter
  • It is not necessary to buy or bring water. We have drinking water and containers available at the reception-pavilion.
  • 60L cooler
  • Wood burning stove (1 bag of ecologs per night for heating is included mid-October to end of April only. Carbon offset wood is for sale on site. You can also bring ecologs) If you do not know how to use a slow-burning wood stove please view this video
  • For baggage transport, 1 small cart: and 1 large cart in summer OR 2 large toboggans in winter. In summer, you can also choose to transport your bags by renting a canoe.
  • 1-2 ceiling lights (when connected to powerpack battery, available for rent at reception, can also be used for cel phone charging)
  • Outside: open campfire pit, picnic table, grey water disposal, dry toilets (outhouses) (showers and bathroom are at the reception pavilion).

OPTIONAL EXTRAS. As part of our commitment to SUSTAINABILITY, we charge for consumables as well as optional items to encourage responsible consumption. Feel free to bring them FROM HOME. We include dozens of items free, but there are 8 we will CHARGE EXTRA for if you need them; power pack, 1 L propane, treehouse kit(see below), canoe, snowshoes, sleeping bag, and firewood in summertime (firewood from home must be commercially packaged, see below). Credit and debit only (no cash).

We assemble some helpful items in our treehouse kit. All items except battery power pack can also be brought from home
  • 1L recyclable propane bottle (fits propane stove and BBQ in cabin
  • matches x2
  • dish cloth x1
  • dish towel x2
  • tea candles x6 (3hr burning time/candle)
  • organic composting bag x 1
  • bag for recycling x 1
  • garbage bag x 1
  • battery power pack for treehouse lights (10 hrs approx) and cell phone charging x 1
Optional Extras
  • Refundable Damage deposit of $190 will be required at check-in by credit card only (not debit)
  • PARK FEES will also be charged separately by the not-for-profit regional Parc Eco des Laurentides. You must pay online prior to arrival on a per night basis (not per day). At time of writing these were $ 10 for adult, free for child (0-17 years), 7$ for senior (60 yrs+). Taxes included.
  • CHECK-IN HOURS are 14h30 to 17h (15h30 to 19h Fridays). You can arrive in the morning before your check-in, or stay after your check-out until the end of the day, and enjoy the park.
  • CHECK-OUT 9h to 11h at reception
  • Late check-ins – there will be no-one to check you in…no problem, just call 1-819-321-0808 and we will check-you in by phone and arrange to leave you what you need. There are also late check-in instructions posted outside the reception building.
  • Christmas holidays: Normal hours except Dec 25th (where there will be no check-ins or check-outs and no services offered)and Jan 1st (where there will be no check-outs).
  • BAGGAGE: You must be prepared for your stay. PACK LIGHT the treehouses are well equipped so you don’t have to bring much. YOU WILL TRANSPORT YOUR OWN BAGGAGE ON A HIKING TRAIL, A DISTANCE OF 200-1000 METERS (12-20 minutes). Each treehouse has access to 1 small cart and 1 large cart in summer OR 2 large toboggans in winter. Backpacks make transport easier. Wear appropriate footwear. Canoes are available for rent, and can be used for transport of baggage (Lakeside East only), 8 minutes paddling.
  • All the treehouses are non-smoking.
  • There is no running water and no garbage service at the treehouses (only at the reception building). Please pack out everything you pack in.
  • To help you prepare for  your stay, a detailed list of what is provided and the driving directions, will be sent with your reservation email.
  • Dogs are always welcome!
Additional Information